Ontario Auto Fleet Insurance

Fleet Insurance is automotive insurance for 5 or more commercial vehicles. Insuring your vehicles under one fleet insurance policy can be less expensive than insuring each one individually. Fleet Insurance provides the same coverage and offers some added flexibility in that company employees can drive any vehicle in the fleet, as long as each employee is licensed.  Contact the professionals at St. Andrews Insurance Brokers today to start your free Ontario Auto Fleet Insurance quote.

Not all Fleet policies are created equally when it comes to the cost of insuring. If you are not happy with the overall premium you are paying for your fleet then you should discuss your needs with one of our professionals. We will ensure that you are getting full coverage and taking advantage of all the savings which are available.

Independent brokers offer professional, objective advice

When you’re looking for insurance, you want to feel comfortable that you’re getting the right combination of value, price and coverage. That’s why you need an independent insurance broker. At St. Andrews Insurance, we work with 30 different insurance partners to ensure you get the best possible coverage for your unique situation.

Contact a professional insurance broker at St. Andrews Insurance Brokers and we will help you find a cost-effective solution for your commercial auto insurance needs.  Simply fill out the simple form above to start your Auto Fleet Insurance quote today.