Ontario Contractors Insurance

Contractors work very hard and accept a great deal of risk in their day to day operations.  As a contractor, you have to ensure that you have the right type of coverage even before the first shovel hits the ground or the first nail is hit, in order to prevent further problems down the road.  This work definitely has a lot of risk involved since you have to interact with people, handle heavy materials and machinery all of which pose a risk to people and property. However, this is a part of the business and the risk involved has to be taken care of. As a contractor, you have to ensure that you have the right type of coverage even before you start the foundation in order to prevent problems further down the road. Having a comprehensive contractor insurance plan provides you with peace of mind as you go about your project since you can fully immerse yourself in the work without having to worry about any unforeseen events that may crop up.  Contact St. Andrews Insurance Brokers Ltd. today at 1-866-621-6980 or simply fill out the quote form above to get your free Contractors Insurance quote.

A construction project is usually on a fixed budget which does not involve expenditure for things that are unexpected as a result of risk. As a contractor, having the appropriate Ontario contractors insurance ensures that you are able to work on your project comfortably without worrying about unexpected costs and that you are protected from associated risks. Imagine the effect on your business if you did not have protection in place. Let the experts at St. Andrews Insurance Brokers work with you for a comprehensive contractor insurance policy before you start any project.

With contractor insurance from St. Andrews Insurance Brokers LTD , you are able to work within your limits in terms of budget and also get to keep more of what you earn. The revenue that you get from such projects does not have to be spent on compensation claims. Instead, you can let the insurance policy take care of such unforeseen events and you can focus your efforts on getting work done within the time planned. Replacement of construction materials in the event of a theft does not have to end your job, as long as you have the protection of a custom contractor insurance policy covering you.

There is a huge risk involved in the construction business and without an adequate contractor insurance policy this risk is even greater. It can lead to the entire project being stalled and very angry clients in the event of a single catastrophe. In case of a serious lawsuit, the company may even be closed down and be required to pay off a lot of money in damages. This can get very expensive and that is why contractors insurance is very important.

St. Andrews Insurance Brokers LTD, Experience You Can Trust

When you are looking to get insurance for your contractor business, it is important that you get information from the right places. In most cases, an experienced broker is usually the best person for the job. At St. Andrews Insurance Brokers LTD, we will not only tell you all the different forms of coverage involved with each type of contractor insurance plan, but also assist you make a decision depending on the size and nature of your contracting business. Having been in the industry since 1989, we have the experience and knowledge of what kind of risks are involved with your business. We have been able to come up with a contractor insurance plan that will be perfect for your business and can even be customized further to fit your needs. You can always get in touch with us for further assistance or even grab a free quote which will help you with the calculations. This quote is completely non-obligatory so you are not risking anything. With no reason for hesitation, why don’t you grab a free quote right away and make the best decision for your Ontario construction business.