Ontario Hospitality Industry Insurance Brokers

Your Hospitality establishment is unique and requires special insurance coverage, distinct from other businesses. The experienced brokers at St. Andrews Insurance Brokers have expertise and understanding of these risks and can provide coverage for:

  • Family-style restaurants
  • Fast food chains and franchises
  • Fine dining
  • Night clubs and Private Clubs
  • Taverns, Bars, Lounges
  • Adult Entertainment
  • Billiard Halls, licensed and unlicensed
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Unlicensed Restaurants such as Cafés, Coffee/Donut Shops and Bakery/Pastry Shops
  • Franchise, franchisee, groups and associations

St. Andrews Insurance Brokers Experience You Can Count On!

Understanding the risks associated with your business allows you to manage them better and ultimately saves you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Here are some of the areas that our brokers will discuss and work with you on to manage your risk.

  • Building construction material (age of building and loss history)
  • Risk location
  • Fire protection
  • Burglary protection
  • Occupancy class
  • Gross receipts and seating capacity
  • Past claims experience
  • Limits and values
  • Deductible amounts

When the unexpected happens, you’ve got the support you need.

If you’ve ever had an accident or lost something valuable, you know how upsetting it can be. That’s when you’ll really appreciate having an insurance broker who knows how to deal with situations just like yours and an insurance company that is dedicated to getting you back on track again. Contact St. Andrews Insurance Brokers today for a free risk assessment, please contact us by email at [email protected] or by telephone at 1-866-621-6980.