Ontario Restaurant Insurance

When you are providing food services to people, anything may happen. There is always the possibility that someone may fall ill as a result of eating your food or they may be served food they are allergic to. In either case, you will still be held liable for the damage, so it is always good to have coverage for when such situations come your way. In the next few sections, we take a deeper look at Restaurant Insurance and what it involves. We will also look at why you need it and what may happen if you do not have the proper protection. Finally, we will take a look at how you can get a free quote in order to assist you with the decision making.

In case you are running a restaurant business and you would like to satisfy your bank loans and mortgage, you will be required to have the appropriate insurance for your business. There is a lot that you are protected from with a Food Service Insurance policy. Read on and find out what you stand to benefit from with the right policy from St. Andrews Insurance Brokers LTD.

  1. General Liability
    General liability Insurance is something you must have as long as you are serving the public. For instance, a customer may slip and fall inside your restaurant leading to injuries. Compensation claims that may come as a result of this may leave your business bankrupt if you have to service a number of such claims. Most of the time, it is not your fault that the patron got injured but since they were on your premises, you will still be required to pay for their medical bills. There is no need for your business to suffer as long as you have the proper protection and coverage as part of your Restaurant or Bar Insurance policy.
  2. Property Insurance
    A fire or natural disaster in Ontario can cause a lot of damage. This is one reason why you need Restaurant Insurance, since the damages that may occur can be quite expensive to repair. Doing the repairs out of your own finances could lead to financial ruin. Having property insurance to cover your restaurant will make sure that your business is back up and running even after a catastrophic event such as a fire.
  3. Automobile Liability
    In case you own a business vehicle which is used for various business purposes, it is important that you have this insured as well. Having a separate Commercial Vehicle Insurance policy leads to much more paperwork and a lot more work which can be avoided by having everything under the same policy. In case of damages to public property as a result of your company vehicle getting involved in an accident, this policy will have you covered. It also takes care of injuries to the person that was driving the vehicle and any other person that may be injured.
  4. Food Contamination Insurance
    This is a crucial quality of Food Service Insurance, and takes care of the situations when an event occurs leading to contamination of food such as a power outage. The food that has been contaminated will be replaced in no time allowing you to keep running your restaurant business without spending any extra money.
  5. Loss of Business Insurance
    Unforeseen events can occur which shall cause your business to be closed, causing for a loss of business income, potential for losing employees if your business is closed for a long period of time and the loss of clients. Loss of business insurance can protect your business when it is shut down unexpectedly for various reasons.

As you can see, there is a lot that you stand to benefit from with an Ontario Restaurant or Bar Insurance policy. Not only are you protected from loss in case of customer lawsuits, but your business and its assets are also protected from the many potential hazards and events covered by a comprehensive Food Service Insurance policy.

There is no time to lose, with a no obligation and free quote from the experienced Brokers at St. Andrews Insurance Brokers LTD, the reasons to call now makes so much sense. We will help you to make an informed decision so you can compare coverages and prices on your Restaurant or Bar Insurance policy.