Retirement Savings Plan, RRSP’s

A Registered Retirements Savings Plan (RRSP) is an investment vehicle that Canadians use to save for their retirement.  Contributions are tax deductable and tax deferred along with any growth of the plan until funds are withdrawn at a  later date. 


For example, if a contributor's tax rate is 40%, every $100 he or she invests in an RRSP will save that person $40 in taxes, up to his or her contribution limit. The growth of that $100 is also tax deferred until funds are withdrawn from the plan.


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Our Planning solutions could benefit you if you:

  • Need in-depth investments advice that is tailored to your specific retirement needs and objectives
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  • Would like a custom-designed retirement plan
  • Earn a high income or are a business owner that is looking for alternatives to traditional retirement plans
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