My name is Alida Battista and I have been in the insurance industry for 15 years.

I started in this industry knowing very little about insurance but I knew it was important and you had to have it.  I enjoy doing things for people so I knew the job I would have would involve helping people in some way.  I answered the ad for a receptionist, I had my first interview and then a second.  I received the call and was told they were very impressed with me and felt that I would make a great broker...this was the beginning of a very rewarding career. I was eager to get my license and start helping people.

This job also gives me the opportunity to meet a lot of different people whether it’s on the client side or the company side. I enjoy being able to provide people with solutions that best suits their needs.  I have the opportunity to negotiate with the companies to see what products I can get for the best price for my clients. Building a relationship with my clients and being able to provide them with security is why I come to work every day. Giving clients my trust knowing that I am doing my very best for them is a wonderful feeling and it makes me very proud of the job I do.