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Travel insurance is important to help protect you, your family or visitors to Canada from costs that can occur due to an unforeseen medical emergency during a trip or an unexpected reason to cancel or interrupt a trip. Without it, travellers may be left to pay significant out of pocket expenses.

Understanding Travel Insurance

Travelling Canadians
Your government health insurance plan may only cover a fraction of healthcare expenses incurred outside Canada, and may only provide limited coverage if you’re travelling in another province. Illness and accidents are all-too-common occurrences. Without travel insurance, a medical emergency or trip cancellation or trip interruption due to an emergency could be disruptive and leave you facing large unexpected expenses.

Visitors to Canada
Do you have family or friends coming to stay? Do they have health insurance to help protect them while they’re here? Are you visiting Canada and need health insurance while you are away from home?

When Visitors to Canada purchase Manulife Financial Travel Insurance before leaving home they will have coverage during their uninterrupted flight to Canada.

The Student plan offers those who are studying away from home a smart and economical way to help protect themselves against the cost of emergency medical and basic healthcare expenses and more.
Plans are available for full-time:
• International students studying in Canada or
• Canadian students studying outside their home province or outside of Canada.
Family coverage is also available for immediate family members residing with the student.

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