5 Major Things to Consider when deciding where to Buy Your Home and Auto Insurance

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Consumers are being bombarded with advertising these days, this can confuse even the savviest insurance shopper into making an ill-informed decision.  When it comes time to buy Home and Auto Insurance and ads are coming at us from every direction; how do you know who to trust?

Do you buy from a cute lizard or maybe the funny little Knight in Armour?  Many Canadians don’t even realize that the cute lizard (or Gecko to be exact), is actually American!  Funny thing about the American lizard is that it is the most recognized insurance brand in Canada, even though they don’t operate north of the border.  If that doesn’t cause confusion I don’t know what does!

Not all Insurance Is Created Equal

·         Many Direct Writers in Canada along with some Insurance Brokers are tied financially to Insurance Companies whom they represent. Thus, putting in question whether they have your best interests at heart.

·         Direct writers offer you very little by way of choice.  You either fit the mold or you don’t, are they cutting corners to make the sale?  Does the coverage you signed up for meet your needs or their mold?

·         You may be offered deep discounts to get you in the door and then next year on renewal find out that those discounts no longer apply.

·         Some on-line quoting sites use the “fast food” approach and promise you 3 quotes in minutes.  Can you be certain that your most important assets are protected in only a minute or two?

·         When you get your policy documents do you wonder what exactly is and isn’t covered?  Are there coverages listed that weren’t thoroughly explained to you?

Who do you want on your side when it comes to the peace of mind you want for your family and hard earned belongings?

When you work with an independent Insurance Brokerage, like St. Andrews Direct (operated by St. Andrews Insurance Brokers Ltd.), you’re going to get professional advice from experienced Insurance Brokers who care about protecting your interests.  You will be given various coverage options and the ability to choose from one of the many Insurers who are independently represented by us.

We believe in taking the time to get to know you and the things that are important to you.  We’re there for you through the process and always available to answer any questions you may have.

So no, we can’t guarantee you 3 quotes in only a couple of minutes, but we also won’t insist you eat a hamburger when what you really want is a home cooked meal!

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