Protect yourself and your Business from Ransomware

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Most people have heard that there was a large-scale ransomware attack last week called WannaCry.  The attack has caused chaos in over 100 countries with ransom amounts in the neighborhood of $300USD per infection.  There is no confirmation that the machines are being restored after ransom has been paid.

What Can you do?

Individuals & Small Businesses:

  • Ensure you run Windows Updates
  • Backup, Backup, Backup!! Make sure all important data on your computer is backed up regularly
  • Keep your anti-virus product up to date & set up auto scans to run on a regular basis

Large Organizations:

  • In addition to the above, ensure all staff are educated on identifying scams & malicious links in emails
  • Ensure all outgoing & incoming emails are scanned for malicious attachments
  • Make sure to run “penetration tests” against your network security

Once you’ve taken the necessary IT precautions, the next step in protecting your business is to contact your insurance broker to discuss Cyber Insurance.

In the event that the your business is hacked, phished or your data held ransom you’ll want to make sure you have the best insurance protection.

Regardless of business size we’ll help you to find the right cyber insurance policy.  Contact us today! http://www.standrewsinsurance.com/cyberprotection or 1-866-621-6980

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